Mel MEL: The affable alligator who is not against change…he just doesn’t believe in it. He figures gators haven’t changed in 30 million years so why start now! He would rather lay in the sun and dream than do just about anything, with the exception of drinking beer and eating conch fritters.


Dink DINK: The pelican who is Mel’s best friend. Where Mel is conservative and doesn’t like change, Dink is progressive, cutting edge and loves the latest technology. They are the oddest of couples but the best of friends. Dink’s darkest secret? He loves 70’s disco!


Liz LIZ: The female voice of the strip and therefore she is the voice of reason amongst the boy’s nonsense. She loves poetry and literature and rumor has it…she has a “thing” for Mel.


Ray RAY: The manatee and jovial owner of Ray’s Tiki Bar, the local watering hole where everyone eventually goes. Ray is the eyes and ears of the beach. If something is happening…he knows about it. He has NEVER bought a round of drinks!


Paul PAUL: The irascible palmetto bug. Giant in size and temper, but underneath that hard shell beats a poet’s heart.