Change is in the wind here at Sunshine State…and that’s a good thing. I know, Mel…and me too, don’t take well to change but hear me out. Doing the daily strip format on Monday’s and Friday’s has been great. The problem is the strip format itself is so restricting. I did it this way in the hopes of getting the strip into newspapers (where, by the way, it would really take off and find an audience, but I digress). The syndicates are very skittish about new launches with the newspaper business being what it is so that, for the moment, seems a financial dead end. I want to explore some larger themes and graphic designs with the strip and really open it up, so come Monday (hey, that’s a Jimmy Buffett song!), SUNSHINE STATE will be done in a Sunday format. What does this mean? It means I can now expand the graphics vertically, like a comic book page or horizontally like the Sunday 1/2 tab in your newspapers.

So if it’s a Sunday why is it running on Monday? Because I’m a rule breaker, that’s why! Actually the simple reason is that Monday is the most trafficked day on the site. Think of it as a bonus when you are reading all those measly dailies on Monday and you get your beautiful, big Sunday style SUNSHINE STATE in your box! Bam!

There’s going to be some fun stuff coming up so be sure to go to the GoComics site and get your free subscription. You don’t want to miss the “Fun in the Sun”!